1 year ago

How to make bumper cars stand out in the industry

Children's playground in detail, although in our bumper car operators very much, but the real profit from bumper cars, but very few, the same operating bumper cars, then why is there polarized situation? Is does not catch customer interest? Or you had not find a good business plan?
In order to help more companies come to the fore in bumper car industry, Henan Guangsh Amusement Rides give suggestions blow:  
First, the market trend
Want your children's playground profitable business, then you'll have to master the overall market trends in children's play, of course, not follow the crowd, but found under the influence of these trends for their own management style!
Second, the equipment innovation
If you're in the business of children's playgrounds, ignoring the innovation of products, then you are the God of Wealth stumbling block in one of the door, but also the biggest stumbling block, it is recommended that you do not go wrong in innovative aspects of the product.
Third, the overall environment
Playground for children to create a good business environment, a good business climate in bumper car industry is very important if you want to create such an atmosphere, then you have to deploy a children's playground as the overall environment, in order to create a good atmosphere as the foundation!

2 years ago

The difference between kiddie rides safety inspection reports and certification of products

 kiddie rides safety inspection report is granted by the state quality supervision departments having large kiddie rides production qualification of manufacturers of products qualified certification materials. The report of the manufacturers have to provide customers with aftermarket products quality certificates, such amusement device operators can be assured operations, reduce unnecessary trouble.
Product certification that it has any difference? First product certification is provided by the manufacturer, and does not have its legitimacy; secondly, with product certification does not mean that the product is no quality problem, but also the local quality supervision departments have been tested before use.
Finally, we want to invest in kiddie rides to remind friends to buy must choose a safety inspection report of the manufacturer.

2 years ago

"Amusement" is also "culture": talk of cultural elements into the FunFair Rides problem

 Recently, in China FunFair Rides has learned that on May 14, in Tianjin Creative Street Xiangtan Road Hongqiao District, Tianjin's first cultural theme park open station - the "creative train theme park" inaugurated. It reported that "creative train theme park," the design and construction of really creative color, on-site installation have arrived from Hangzhou Castle "creative locomotive", which is one of the country's only four steam locomotive.
   I think it gives our research and manufacturing development of playgrounds and FunFair Rides provides a new kind of full of innovative ideas. As people's living standards as well as a general increase in the educational level of our people continues to increase, the elements of culture will certainly more and more people's attention, then, if the FunFair Rides is well integrated into the theme and content of culture, but also certainly bound to be people's favorite and welcome. The key to our country's cultural heritage in itself is extremely deep, which means that, in order to inject cultural elements in amusement facilities, our available resources is very rich, the problem is that we do not have the vision and creativity .
Injection elements in FunFair Rides in culture, so that people not only in play and leisure experience to relax, stretch and other happy mood, but also fascinating unconsciously by cultural infiltration and mold, which can not be said of leisure and pleasure a high level, but to achieve such a state, we need our amusement industry stakeholders to have such a sense of innovation, we must first have developed such features’ FunFair Rides.

2 years ago

Positive Effects of Theme Park Equipment on Kids

Produced under the progress of the society more and more electronic products of science and technology, and market popularity are more and more widely. For children, electronic products has become the child's best friend, the situation is very bad. In the long run, to the child's brain development and eye health is bad.
Amusement rides for kids investment is in the stage of development of gold industry, Ride for children can meet the demand of the child's play, and have a positive effect on children's healthy growth. The puzzle games, in particular, to the carnival equipment, improve intelligence; there is a lot of help. Amusement rides for sale have many areas; there are different types of amusement park rides, suitable for various age groups of children to play.
Children in playing to our hearts' content can be in more importantly children can play with other children, in the exercise balance and reaction ability at the same time also learned to communicate with others. If there are any fall in the children, parents also need not worry too much, children's paradise of soft package equipment has good cushioning won't harm the children, you can also let the child learn "fell down, and your ability to get up".
Children's paradise can let children have a happy childhood, let your children play in the release of nature, in the process of imperceptibly improve various aspects ability. For businesses, also quickly make money, is a very popular investment projects, investment or action at once!